International Standard Comparative

UNS umbering Systems.

Unified Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys


The UNS for Metals and Alloys provides a means of correlating many internationally used metal and alloy numbering systems administered by societies, trade associations, and individual users and producers of metals and alloys. Jointly developed by ASTM International and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it provides the uniformity necessary for efficient indexing, record keeping, data storage and retrieval, and cross-referencing.

UNS Number C GROUP : Copper and Copper Alloys

C10100~C11300 | C11400~C16200 | C16500~C37000 | C37700~C65100

C84400~C94400 | C94500~C99500

UNS Number F GROUP : Cast Irons

F10001~F24830 | F25530~F47003

UNS Number G GROUP : AISI and SAE Carbon and Alloy Steels

G10050~G10250 | G10260~G11080 | G11090~G15720 | G31400~G44270 | G45200~G51600

G51601~G92600 | G92620~G98500

UNS Number J GROUP : Cast Steel (Except Tool Steels)

J02002~J13512 | J13855~J92590 | J92600~J94650

UNS Number K GROUP : Miscellaneous Steels and Ferrous Alloys

K00040~K02300 | K02301~K03017 | K03046~K07000 | K07001~K11630 | K11646~K12238

K12244~K19667 | K19965~K32550 | K32723~K93120 | K93600~K95000

UNS Number N GROUP : Nickel and Nickel Alloys

N02200~N07080 | N07353~N08811 | N08825~N10665

UNS Number S GROUP : Heat and Corrosion Refractory Metals and Alloys

S13800~S30200 | S30215~S30909 | S30940~S31654 | S31700~S35000 | S35500~S43035


Comparative Table

UNS Number A GROUP : Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys - A94104~A95056
AA Eq.
UNS A94104 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 4104 SFA 5.8 (BAISi)
  Non-Heat Treatable      
UNS A94145 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 4145 SFA 5.8 (BAIS-3)
  Non-Heat Treatable(Brazing and     SFA 5.10 (ER4145)
  Welding Alloy)      
UNS A94343 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 4343 SFA 5.8 (BAISi)
  Non-Heat Treatable      
UNS A94543 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 4543  
  Non-Heat Treatable(Brazing Alloy)      
UNS A94643 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 4643 SFA 5.10 (ER4643)
  Non-Heat Treatable(Welding Alloy)      
UNS A95005 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5005 ASTM B209 (5005)
  Non-Heat Treatable     ASTM B210 (5005)
        ASTM B316 (5005)
        ASTM B396 (5005)
        ASTM B397 (5005)
        ASTM B483 (5005)
        ASTM B531 (5005)
UNS A95006 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5006  
  Non-Heat Treatable      
UNS A95010 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5010  
  Non-Heat Treatable      
UNS A95016 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5016  
  Non-Heat Treatable      
UNS A95017 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5017  
  Non-Heat Treatable      
UNS A95040 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5040  
  Non-Heat Treatable      
UNS A95042 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5042  
  Non-Heat Treatable      
UNS A95043 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5043  
  Non-Heat Treatable
UNS A95050 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5050 ASTM B209 (5050)
  Non-Heat Treatable     ASTM B210 (5050)
        ASTM B313 (5050)
font>       ASTM B483 (5050)
        ASTM B547 (5050)
        ASTM B548 (5050)
UNS A95051 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5051  
  Non-Heat Treatable      
UNS A95052 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5052 ASTM B209 (5052)
  Non-Heat Treatable     ASTM B210 (3105)
        ASTM B211 (3105)
        ASTM B221 (4032)
        ASTM B234 (3105)
        ASTM B241 (3105)
        ASTM B313 (3105)
        ASTM B316 (3105)
        ASTM B404 (3105)
        ASTM B483 (3105)
        ASTM B547 (3105)
UNS A95056 Wrought Aluminum Alloy.   AA 5056 ASTM B211 (5046)
  Non-Heat Treatable     ASTM B316 (5056)
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