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MIL No. :: UNS No.

Military Specifications and Standards :: Unified Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys


A United States defense standard, often called a military standard, "MIL-STD", "MIL-SPEC", or (informally) "MilSpecs", is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. Defense standards are also used by other non-defense government organizations, technical organizations, and industry.


The UNS for Metals and Alloys provides a means of correlating many internationally used metal and alloy numbering systems administered by societies, trade associations, and individual users and producers of metals and alloys. Jointly developed by ASTM International and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it provides the uniformity necessary for efficient indexing, record keeping, data storage and retrieval, and cross-referencing.

Comparative Table5

MIL No. UNS No.   MIL No. UNS No.   MIL No. UNS No.
MIL W23068 UNS C10100 MIL E23765 UNS K11585 MIL S24451 UNS K32045
MIL W23068 UNS C12000 (MIL 70S7)   MIL B24480 UNS C95800
MIL W23068 UNS C22000 MIL E23765 UNS K21015 MIL S24502 UNS K14675
MIL W23068 UNS C33200 (MIL 110UNS S1)   MIL S24512 UNS K51255
    MIL E23765/IC UNS K01313 MIL N24549 UNS N05500
MIL S23192 UNS N07750 (70UNS S3)   MIL S25043 UNS S17700
MIL S23192(304) UNS S30400 MIL E23765/IC UNS K01515    
MIL S23192(304L) UNS S30403 (MIL 70UNS S1)   MIL P25995 UNS A93003
MIL S23192(347) UNS S34700 MIL E23765 UNS K10726 MIL P25995 UNS A96061
MIL S23192(348) UNS S34800 (MIL 070S2)   MIL P25995 UNS A96063
MIL S23192(304) UNS S30400 MIL E23765 UNS K11123 MIL UNS C26094 UNS A91100
MIL S23192(304L) UNS S30403 (MIL 70S8)   MIL UNS C26094 UNS A95005
MIL S23192(347) UNS S34700 MIL E23765 UNS C61900 MIL UNS C26094 UNS A95052
MIL S23192(348) UNS S34800 (MIL CuA1)   MIL UNS C26094 UNS A95086
    MIL E23765 UNS K10882 MIL UNS C26094 UNS A95154
MIL T23227 UNS N06600 (MIL 100UNS S1)   MIL S27419 UNS S30400
MIL N23228 UNS N06600 MIL E23765 UNS K21030 MIL S27419 UNS S32100
MIL N23229 UNS N06600 (MIL 120UNS S1)   MIL W30508 UNS S30560
MIL W23351 UNS A96061 MIL E23765/3 UNS C51800    
MIL I23413B UNS K30960 MIL E23765/3 UNS C61000 MIL F39000 UNS A02080
(MIL 521)   MIL E23765/3 UNS C63200 MIL F39000 UNS A02950
MIL I23413B UNS K10726 MIL E23765/3 UNS C65500 MIL F39000 UNS A03550
(MIL MUNS S1)   MIL E23765/3 UNS C52100 MIL F39000 UNS A03560
MIL I23413 UNS S30880 (MIL CuSNC)   MIL F39000 UNS A05180
(MIL 308)(MIL 308Co)   MIL E23765/3 UNS K21485 MIL F39000 UNS A13600
MIL I23413 UNS S30883 (MIL 80UNS S1)   MIL F39000 UNS A96061
(MIL 308L)(MIL 308CoL)   MIL S24093 UNS G10260 MIL F39000(C712.0) UNS A07110
MIL I23413 UNS S31080 MIL N24106 UNS N04400 MIL F39000(D712.0) UNS A07120
(MIL 310)   MIL T24107 UNS C10200    
MIL I23413 UNS S31680 MIL T24107 UNS C10800 MIL A45225 UNS A95083
(MIL 316)   MIL T24107 UNS C12000 MIL A45225 UNS A95456
MIL I23413 UNS S31683 MIL T24107 UNS C12200 MIL A45225 UNS A97039
(MIL 316L)   MIL T24107 UNS C14200 MIL E45829 UNS C18900
MIL I23413 UNS S34780 MIL UNS C24111 UNS S17400 MIL N46025 UNS N02205
(MIL 348)(MIL 348Co)   MIL N24114 UNS N07750 MIL A46027 UNS A95083
MIL I23413(MIL 515) UNS K20900     MIL A46027 UNS A95456
MIL I23413(MS2) UNS K01313 MIL 24137(A) UNS F33101 MIL M46037 UNS M16100
MIL I23413(6A) UNS N07092 MIL 24137(B) UNS F43020 MIL M46039 UNS M16210
MIL I23413(60) UNS N04060 MIL 24137(C) UNS F43021 MIL S4607 UNS K14185
MIL I23413(61) UNS N02061 MIL S24149/2 UNS A95086 MIL S46049(1065) UNS G10650
MIL I23413(62) UNS N06062 MIL S24149/2 UNS A95356 MIL S46049(1074) UNS G10740
MIL I23413(82) UNS N06082 MIL S24149/2 UNS A95456    
MIL I23413(MIL 505) UNS S50280 MIL S24149/2 UNS A91100 MIL M46062 UNS M13310
MIL T23520 UNS N04400 MIL S24238(A) UNS K12042 MIL M46062 UNS M16510
        MIL M46062 UNS M16610
MIL E23765 UNS K11132 MIL S24371 UNS K51255 MIL M46062 UNS M16620
(MIL 70UNS S5)   MIL E24403/1 UNS W07605 MIL M46062 UNS M16630
MIL E23765 UNS K11357 (MIL 70T5)   MIL M46062 UNS M18220
(MIL 70UNS S5)   MIL S24412 UNS K11201 MIL M46062B UNS M10100
MIL E23765 UNS K11140 MIL S24451 UNS K31820 MIL M46062B UNS M11914
(MIL 70S6)       MIL M46062B UNS M11920
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