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Military Specifications and Standards :: Unified Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys


A United States defense standard, often called a military standard, "MIL-STD", "MIL-SPEC", or (informally) "MilSpecs", is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. Defense standards are also used by other non-defense government organizations, technical organizations, and industry.


The UNS for Metals and Alloys provides a means of correlating many internationally used metal and alloy numbering systems administered by societies, trade associations, and individual users and producers of metals and alloys. Jointly developed by ASTM International and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it provides the uniformity necessary for efficient indexing, record keeping, data storage and retrieval, and cross-referencing.

Comparative Table4

MIL No. UNS No.   MIL No. UNS No.   MIL No. UNS No.
MIL S22141(52100) UNS J19965 MIL E22200/3 UNS W80001 MIL E22200/8 UNS W53015
    (MIL 3N1B)   (MIL 9015-B3)  
MIL E22200/1 UNS W07018 MIL E22200/3 UNS W80002 MIL E22200/8 UNS W53115
(MIL 7018)   (MIL 3N1C)   (MIL 9015-B3L)  
MIL E22200/1 UNS W21018 MIL E22200/3 UNS W73605 MIL E22200/8 UNS W53016
(MIL 8018-C3)   (MIL 3N1L)   (MIL 9016-B3)  
(MIL 8018-C3SR)   MIL E22200/3 UNS W73155 MIL E22200/8 UNS W53018
MIL E22200/1 UNS W21218 (MIL 3N1N)   (MIL 9018-B3)  
(MIL 9018-M)   MIL E22200/3 UNS W82141 MIL E22200/9 UNS W53118
MIL E22200/1 UNS W21318 (MIL 4N11)   (MIL 14018-M1)  
(MIL 10018-M)   MIL E22200/3 UNS W86133 MIL E22200/10 UNS W23318
MIL E22200/1 UNS W21418 (MIL 4N1A)   (MIL 905-B3)  
(MIL 10018-M)   MIL E22200/3 UNS W80004 MIL E22200/11 UNS W23218
MIL E22200/2 UNS W30810 (MIL 4N1UNS W)   (MIL 12018-M1)  
Type MIL 16-8-2   MIL E22200/3 UNS W86182 MIL E22200 UNS W26018
MIL E22200/2 UNS W30810 (MIL 8N12)   (MIL 14018-HT)  
(MIL 308)(MIL 308Co)   MIL E22200/3 UNS W84190 MIL T2214 UNS C12200
MIL E22200/2 UNS W30813 (MIL 9N10)   MIL T2214 UNS C70600
(MIL 308)(MIL 308CoL)   MIL E22200/4 UNS W60715 MIL T2214 UNS C71500
MIL E22200/2 UNS W30910 (MIL CuNi)      
(MIL 309)(MIL 309Co)   MIL E22200/5 UNS W22718 MIL C22229 UNS C87300
MIL E22200/2 UNS W30917 (miL 10018-N1)   MIL C22229 UNS C95800
(MIL 309Cb)   MIL E22200/6 UNS W21016 MIL C22229(1) UNS C90300
MIL E22200/2 UNS W31010 (MIL 8016-C3)   MIL C22229(1) UNS C93400
(MIL 310)   MIL E22200/7 UNS W17010 MIL C22229(2) UNS C83600
MIL E22200/2 UNS W31310 (MIL 7010-A1)   MIL C22229(4) UNS C87200ob
(MIL 312)   MIL E22200/7 UNS W17011 MIL CT22229(5) UNS C95200
MIL E22200/2 UNS W31610 (MIL 7011-A1)   MIL CT22229(6) UNS C95500
(MIL 316)   MIL E22200/7 UNS W17018 MIL C22229(7) UNS C86500
MIL E22200/2 UNS W31613 (MIL 7018-A1)   MIL C22229(8) UNS C86300
(MIL 316L)   MIL E22200/7 UNS W17020 MIL C22229(9) UNS C86200
MIL E22200/2 UNS W31710 (MIL 7020-A1)   MIL C22229(10) UNS C86100
(MIL 317)   MIL E22200/8 UNS W41010 MIL C22229 UNS C26000
MIL E22200/2 UNS W31910 (MIL 410)   MIL C22229 UNS C26100
(MIL 318)   MIL E22200/8 UNS W50210    
MIL E22200/2 UNS W88331 (MIL 5-2)   MIL S22664 UNS K31820
(MIL 330)   MIL E22200/8 UNS W50213 MIL S22664 UNS K32045
MIL E22200/2 UNS W34710 (MIL 502-lx-L)   MIL S22664 UNS G10260
(MIL 347)(MIL 347Co)   MIL E22200/8 UNS W50410 MIL S22664(B) UNS K02102
MIL E22200/2 UNS W34712 (MIL 505)   MIL S22664(C) UNS K02708
(MIL 347HC)   MIL E22200/8 UNS W52015    
MIL E22200/2 UNS W34910 (MIL 8015-B2)   MIL A22771 UNS A92014
(MIL 349)   MIL E22200/8 UNS W52115 MIL A22771 UNS A92219
MIL E22200/2Type UNS W30815 (MIL 8015-B2L)   MIL A22771 UNS A96061
(MIL 308HC)   MIL E22200/8 UNS W52016 MIL A22771 UNS A96151
MIL E22200/2Type UNS W30913 (MIL 8016-B2)   MIL A22771 UNS A97039
(MIL309)   MIL E22200/8 UNS W52018 MIL A22771 UNS A97075
(MIL 309CoL)   (MIL 8018-B2)   MIL A22771(2618) UNS A92618
MIL E22200 UNS W86112 MIL E22200/8 UNS W52118   UNS J42015
(MIL 1N12)   (MIL 8018(B21)   MIL S23008(HY80) UNS J42240
MIL E22200 UNS W86132     MIL S23008(HY100) UNS K31820
        MIL S23009 UNS K32045
(MIL 3N12)       MIL S23009(HY80) UNS J42015
        MIL S23009(HY100) UNS J42240
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