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MIL No. :: UNS No.

Military Specifications and Standards :: Unified Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys


A United States defense standard, often called a military standard, "MIL-STD", "MIL-SPEC", or (informally) "MilSpecs", is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. Defense standards are also used by other non-defense government organizations, technical organizations, and industry.


The UNS for Metals and Alloys provides a means of correlating many internationally used metal and alloy numbering systems administered by societies, trade associations, and individual users and producers of metals and alloys. Jointly developed by ASTM International and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it provides the uniformity necessary for efficient indexing, record keeping, data storage and retrieval, and cross-referencing.

Comparative Table3

MIL No. UNS No.   MIL No. UNS No.   MIL No. UNS No.
MIL G18015 UNS A96063 MIL E19933 UNS S31680 MIL E21562 UNS N07092
    (MIL 316)   (EN6A, RN6A)  
MIL F18280 UNS A92014 MIL E19933 UNS S31683 MIL E21562 UNS N04060
MIL F18280 UNS A92024 (MIL 316L)   (EN60, RN60)  
MIL F18280 UNS A96061 MIL E19933 UNS S31780 MIL E21562 UNS N02061
MIL F18280 UNS A97075 (MIL 317)   (EN61, RN61)  
MIL V18436 UNS C31400 MIL E19933 UNS S31980 MIL E21562 UNS N06062
MIL V18436 UNS C31600 (MIL 318)   (EN62, RN62)  
MIL V18436 UNS C36000 MIL E19933 UNS S32180 MIL E21532 UNS N06082
MIL V18436 UNS C83600 (MIL 321)   (EN82, RN82)  
MIL V18436 UNS C96200 MIL E19933 UNS S34780 MIL E21562(RN65) UNS N08065
MIL V18436 UNS C97600 (MIL 347)(MIL 347Co)   MIL E21562(RN69) UNS N07069
MIL V18436 UNS C97800 MIL E19933 UNS S63197 MIL E21562 UNS N06625
    (MIL 349)   (RN625)(EN625)  
MIL S18728 UNS G86300 MIL E19933 UNS S41080 MIL C21657 UNS C17200
MIL S18729 UNS G41300 (MIL 410)   MIL C21768 UNS C21000
MIL S18732 UNS S43100 MIL B20148 UNS A94047 MIL C21768 UNS C22000
MIL B18907 UNS C10100 MIL B20148 UNS A94343 MIL C21952 UNS K31820
MIL B18907 UNS C10200 MIL C20159(I) UNS C96400 MIL C21952 UNS K32045
MIL B18907 UNS C12000 MIL C20159(II) UNS C96200    
MIL B18907 UNS C12200 MIL T-20168 UNS C23000 MIL C22087 UNS C87200ob
MIL B18907 UNS C22000 MIL T-20219 UNS C26000 MIL C22087 UNS C87400
MIL B18907 UNS C70200     MIL C22087 UNS C95200
    MIL B20292 UNS C10300 MIL C22087(1) UNS C93400
MIL E19141 UNS W77510 MIL B20292 UNS C10400 MIL C22087(2) UNS C83600
(MIL Fe5-B)   MIL B20292 UNS C10700 MIL C22087(3) UNS C90300
MIL E19141 UNS W79110 MIL B20292 UNS C10800 MIL C22087(5) UNS C86500
    MIL B20292 UNS C11000 MIL C22087(7) UNS C86100
MIL E19141 UNS W75110 MIL B20292 UNS C11300 MIL C22087(8) UNS C95500
    MIL B20292 UNS C11400 MIL C22087(9) UNS C86200
MIL E19141 UNS W75010 MIL B20292 UNS C11600 MIL C22087(9) UNS C86300
    MIL B20292 UNS C12000 MIL C22087(10) VC82500
MIL B19231 UNS C10700 MIL B20292 UNS C12100    
MIL B19231 UNS C11600 MIL B20292 UNS C12000 MIL S22141 UNS J03005
MIL UNS C19310 UNS C81500 MIL B20292 UNS C12500 (IUNS C1030)  
MIL UNS C19311 UNS C18200 MIL B20292 UNS C12700 MIL S22141 UNS J24056
MIL UNS C19311 UNS C18400 MIL B20292 UNS C12800 (Nitralloy)  
MIL UNS C19311 UNS C18500 MIL B20292 UNS C12900 MIL S22141(1020) UNS J02001
MIL S19434 UNS G10350 MIL B20292 UNS C13000 MIL S22141(1040) UNS J04001
MIL S19434 UNS G98500 MIL B20292 UNS C22000 MIL S22141(1050) UNS J05001
    MIL B20292 UNS C70200 MIL S22141(4130) UNS J13048
MIL R19654 UNS C18980     MIL S22141(4140) UNS J14047
(MIL RCu-2)   MIL F20670 UNS G10260 MIL S22141(4335M) UNS J13432
MIL E1993D UNS S30884 MIL A21180(A210.0) UNS A12010 MIL S22141(4340) UNS J24055
(MIL 308HC)   MIL A21180(A210.0) UNS A13570 MIL S22141(4620) UNS J12093
MIL E19933 UNS S30880 MIL A21180(A210.0) UNS A33550 MIL S22141(6150) UNS J15047
(MIL 308)(MIL 308Co)   MIL A21180(A210.0) UNS A03540 MIL S22141(8620) UNS J12047
MIL E19933 UNS S30883 MIL A21180(A210.0) UNS A13560 MIL S22141(8630) UNS J13049
(MIL 308L)(MIL 308CoL)   MIL A21180(A210.0) UNS A03590 MIL S22141(8640) UNS J14048
MIL E19933 UNS S30980 MIL W21425(I,III) UNS K06500 MIL S22141(8735) UNS J13442
(MIL 309)(MIL 309Co)   MIL W21425(II) UNS K06000 MIL S22141(52100) UNS G52986
MIL E19933 UNS S31080        
(MIL 310)          
(MIL 312)(MIL 312Co)          
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