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MIL No. :: UNS No.

Military Specifications and Standards :: Unified Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys


A United States defense standard, often called a military standard, "MIL-STD", "MIL-SPEC", or (informally) "MilSpecs", is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. Defense standards are also used by other non-defense government organizations, technical organizations, and industry.


The UNS for Metals and Alloys provides a means of correlating many internationally used metal and alloy numbering systems administered by societies, trade associations, and individual users and producers of metals and alloys. Jointly developed by ASTM International and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it provides the uniformity necessary for efficient indexing, record keeping, data storage and retrieval, and cross-referencing.

Comparative Table2

MIL No. UNS No.   MIL No. UNS No.   MIL No. UNS No.
MIL T9046 UNS R58030 MIL C11866 UNS C87300 MIL E15597 UNS A91100
MIL T9046 UNS R58640 (Comp 19)   MIL E15597 UNS A93003
MIL T9046 UNS R58820 MIL C11866 UNS C95400 MIL E15597 UNS A94043
MIL T9047 UNS R50700 (Comp 23)   MIL C15726 UNS C70600
MIL T9047 UNS R54520 MIL C11866(17) UNS C82500 MIL C15726 UNS C71500
MIL T9047 UNS R54521 MIL C11866(19) UNS C87200ob MIL B15894(1) UNS C85800
MIL T9047 UNS R54560 MIL C11866(21) UNS C86300 MIL B15894(2) UNS C87900
MIL T9047 UNS R54620 MIL C11866(22) UNS C95300 MIL B15894(3) UNS C87800
MIL T9047 UNS R54790 MIL C11866(25) UNS C83600 MIL S16113(I) UNS K11801
MIL T9047 UNS R54810 MIL C11866(26) UNS C90300 MIL S16113(II) UNS K11802
MIL T9047 UNS R56210 MIL C11866(40E) UNS A07120 MIL B16166 UNS C62300
MIL T9047 UNS R56260 MIL C11866(195) UNS A02950 MIL B16166 UNS C63000
MIL T9047 UNS R56320 MIL C11866(214) UNS A05140 MIL S16216 UNS K31820
MIL T9047 UNS R56400 MIL C11866(355) UNS A03550 MIL S16216 UNS K32045
MIL T9047 UNS R56401     MIL S16216(HY80) UNS J42015
MIL T9047 UNS R56620 MIL C12168 UNS C11000 MIL S16216(HY100) UNS J42240
MIL T9047 UNS R56740 MIL R12221(7277) UNS A97277 MIL T16286 UNS S50200
MIL T9047 UNS R58010 MIL S12504 UNS G10700    
MIL T9047 UNS R58030 MIL S12504 UNS K15747 MIL T16420 UNS C70600
MIL T9047 UNS R58640 (Mn-CRMo)   MIL T16420 UNS C71500
MIL T9047 VR58820 MIL S12504(Mn-Mo) UNS K17145 MIL B16540 UNS C92300
    MIL A12545 UNS A91100 MIL B16541 UNS C92200
MIL C10375 UNS C26000 MIL A12545 UNS A92014 MIL S16598 UNS K93602
MIL C10375 UNS C26100 MIL A12545 UNS A96061 MIL V16720 UNS C83600
MIL C10387 UNS A03560 MIL A12545 UNS A96070 MIL S16788 UNS G10200
MIL C10387 UNS A96151 MIL A12545 UNS A97075 MIL S16788 UNS G10400
MIL S10520 UNS G10550     MIL S16788(C10) UNS G10950
MIL T10794 UNS A96061 MIL A12560 UNS K11918ob MIL S16993(Cassl) UNS J91150
MIL A10841 UNS M00995 MIL S12875 UNS A93003 MIL S16993(2) UNS J91261
MIL A10841 UNS M00998 MIL S12875 UNS A95052    
    MIL E13080 UNS W30710 MIL C17112 UNS C97600
MIL A11257(8280) UNS A98280 (MIL 307)   MIL R17131 UNS R30006
MIL S11310(CS1005) UNS G10050 MIL E13080 UNS W30821 (MIL RCoCRA)  
MIL S11310(CS1006) UNS G10060 (MIL 308)   MIL R17131 UNS R30001
MIL S11310(CS1008) UNS G10080 MILA13259 UNS K91209 (MIL RCoCRC)  
MIL S11310(CS1010) UNS G10100ob MIL S13282 UNS P07015 MIL R17131 UNS N99645
MIL S11310(CS1012) UNS G10120 MIL B13501 UNS C41100 (MIL RNiCRB)  
MIL S11310(CS1017) UNS G10170 MIL B13501 UNS C51000 MIL R17131 UNS N99646
MIL S11310(CS1018) UNS G10180 MIL B13501 UNS C54600ob (MIL RNiCRC)  
MIL S11310(CS1020) UNS G10200 MIL B13506 UNS C98400 MIL S17249 UNS J91209
MIL S11310(CS1022) UNS G10220     MIL S17509(I) UNS J92502
MIL S11310(CS1025) UNS G10250 MIL T15005 UNS C70600 MIL S17509(II) UNS J92801
MIL S11310(CS1030) UNS G10300 MIL T15005 UNS C71500 MIL S17509(III) UNS J92720
MIL S11310(CS1040) UNS G10400 MIL S15083(B) UNS J03008 MIL V17547 UNS C92200
    MIL S15083(CW) UNS J03007    
MIL A11356 UNS J13025 MIL S15083(65-35) UNS J03009 MIL A18001 UNS Z32121
MIL S11595(ORD4150) UNS G41500 MIL S15083(70-36) UNS J03504 MIL G18014 UNS A95052
MIL S11713 UNS G10690 MIL S15083(80-40) UNS J05002 MIL G18014 UNS A95086
MIL S11713(2) UNS G10700 MIL S15083(100-70) UNS J32075 MIL G18014 UNS A95456
    MIL T15089 UNS A92014 MIL G18014 UNS A95554
MIL C11866 UNS A03560 MIL T15089 UNS A92024 MIL G18014 UNS A96061
MIL C11866 UNS A24430     MIL G18014 UNS A96063
MIL C11866 UNS A05350 MIL S15464(1) UNS J12070 MIL G18015 UNS A95052
    MIL S15464(2) UNS J21880    
    MIL S15464(3) UNS J11875 MIL G18015 UNS A96061
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