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British Standards Institution :: Unified Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys


BSI Group, also known in its home market as the British Standards Institution (or BSI), is a multinational business services provider whose principal activity is the production of standards and the supply of standards-related services. BSI produces British Standards, and, as the UK’s National Standards Body, is also responsible for the UK publication, in English, of international and European standards. The Group now operates internationally in 150 countries.


The UNS for Metals and Alloys provides a means of correlating many internationally used metal and alloy numbering systems administered by societies, trade associations, and individual users and producers of metals and alloys. Jointly developed by ASTM International and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it provides the uniformity necessary for efficient indexing, record keeping, data storage and retrieval, and cross-referencing.

Comparative Table19


B/- Council for Building and Civil Engineering C/- Chemical and Health Council
E/- Engineering Council L/- British Electrotechnical Committee and Electrotechnical Council
M/- Multitechnics Council S/- Systems : Management And Environment T/- Disc
BS No.&title BS Grade UNS&etc Spec   BS No.&title BS Grade UNS&etc Spec
BS 3604
HFS629-590   BS3606
CFS316S29 S31603①A213-TP316L
HFS660   CFS316S30 S31600①A213-TP316
HFS762   CFS321S22 S32100①A213-TP321
Austenitic stainless steel pipes and tubes for pressure purposes
30414 S30403①A270-TP304 CFS347S17 S34700①A213-TP344
30418 S30400①A312-TP304 CFS440 K32737
30422 S30403 CFS620 K11562①A213-T12
30425 S30400①A358-304 CFS621 K11597①A199-T11
30459 S30409①A271-TP304H CFS622 K21590①A199-T22
31614 S31603①A312-TP304L CFS625 K41545①A199-T5
31618 S31600①A271-TP316 ERW243  
31622 S31603 ERW245 K11521
31626 S30600①A358-316 ERW320  
31659 S31609①A312-TP316H ERW440 K02707
32118 S31200①A271-TP321 ERW620 K11562
32122 S32100①A358-321 ERW621 K11597
32159 S32109347 LWBC304S22 S30403
34717 S34700①A271-TP347 LWBC304S25 S30400
34715 S34700①A312-TP347H LWBC316S24 S31603
34759 S34709①A271-TP347H LWBC316S25 S31600
Spec. for steel tubes for geat exchangers
CEW243   LWBC316S29 S31603
CEW245 K11522 LWBC316S30  
CEW261   LWBC321S22 S32100
CEW320   LWBC347S17 S34700
CEW440 K02707 LWCF304S22 S30403
CEW620 K11562 LWCF304S25 S30400
CEW621 K11597 LWCF316S24 S31603
CFS243   LWCF316S25 S31600
CFS245 K11522 LWCF316S29 S31603
CFS261   LWCF316S30  
CFS320   LWCF321S22 S32100
CFS304S22 S30403①A213-TP304L LWCF347S17 S34700
CFS304S25 S30400①A213-TP304 LWHT304S22 S03403
CFS316S24 S31603④1.4404 LWHT304S25 S30400
CFS316S25 S31600④1.4401 LWHT316S24 S31603
      LWHT316S25 S31600


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