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British Standards Institution :: Unified Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys


BSI Group, also known in its home market as the British Standards Institution (or BSI), is a multinational business services provider whose principal activity is the production of standards and the supply of standards-related services. BSI produces British Standards, and, as the UK’s National Standards Body, is also responsible for the UK publication, in English, of international and European standards. The Group now operates internationally in 150 countries.


The UNS for Metals and Alloys provides a means of correlating many internationally used metal and alloy numbering systems administered by societies, trade associations, and individual users and producers of metals and alloys. Jointly developed by ASTM International and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it provides the uniformity necessary for efficient indexing, record keeping, data storage and retrieval, and cross-referencing.

Comparative Table15


B/- Council for Building and Civil Engineering C/- Chemical and Health Council
E/- Engineering Council L/- British Electrotechnical Committee and Electrotechnical Council
M/- Multitechnics Council S/- Systems : Management And Environment T/- Disc
BS No.&title BS Grade UNS&etc Spec   BS No.&title BS Grade UNS&etc Spec
BS 2875
CA107 C71500 Part 2
Spec. for stainless steels
A33 K03960④1.7384
CN101   A34 S50280
CN102   A35  
CN107   308S92 W30813④1.7384
CS101   308S93 W30813
CZ101 C22000 308S96 S30880④1.4302
CZ102 C23000 309S92 S30983④1.4332
CZ103 C24000 309S94 S30980
CZ105   310S94 S31080④1.4842
CZ106 C26000 310S98 S31080④1.4846
CZ107 C26800 311S94  
CZ108 C27200 312S94 ④1.4337
CZ110   313S94 S31380
CZ112   316S92 S31683④1.4430
CZ119 C35600 316S93 S31688
CZ123   316S96 S31680④1.4403
NS103 C74500 317S96 S31780
NS104 C52100 318S96 W31631④1.4576
NS105   347S96 S34780④1.4555
NS106 C75200 Part 3
Spec. for copper and copper alloys
C7 C18980
NS107 C77000 C8  
PB102 C51000 C9 C65600
PB103   C10 C51800
Filler rods and wires for gas-shielded arc welding
Part 1
Ferritic steels
A15   C11  
A16   C12  
A17   C12Fe  
A18   C13 C61800
A19   C16  
A30 K20900 C18  
A31 S30883 C20  
A32 K20900 C22  


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