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BSI No. :: UNS No.

British Standards Institution :: Unified Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys


BSI Group, also known in its home market as the British Standards Institution (or BSI), is a multinational business services provider whose principal activity is the production of standards and the supply of standards-related services. BSI produces British Standards, and, as the UK’s National Standards Body, is also responsible for the UK publication, in English, of international and European standards. The Group now operates internationally in 150 countries.


The UNS for Metals and Alloys provides a means of correlating many internationally used metal and alloy numbering systems administered by societies, trade associations, and individual users and producers of metals and alloys. Jointly developed by ASTM International and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it provides the uniformity necessary for efficient indexing, record keeping, data storage and retrieval, and cross-referencing.

Comparative Table12


B/- Council for Building and Civil Engineering C/- Chemical and Health Council
E/- Engineering Council L/- British Electrotechnical Committee and Electrotechnical Council
M/- Multitechnics Council S/- Systems : Management And Environment T/- Disc
BS No.&title BS Grade UNS&etc Spec   BS No.&title BS Grade UNS&etc Spec
2CrMoB W53018 BS2870
Spec. for rolled copper and copper alloys : aheet, strip and foil
C101 ①B152-C11000
2CrMoR W53015 C102 ①B152-C11000
5CrMoB   C103 ①B152-C10200
7CrMoB   C103  
9CrMoB   C106


12CrMoB   CA102 C70600
12CrMoVB   CA104  
12CrMoWVB   CA107 C71500
1NiLB   CB101  
2NiLB   CC101  
3NiLB   CC102  
1NiB   CN102 ①B171-C70600
2NiB   CN104  
3NiB   CN105  
1NiC   CN106 ①B171-C71500
2NiC   CZ101 ①B36-C22000
MnMoB   CZ102 ①B36-C23000
2MnMoB   CZ103 ①B36-C24000
MnNiB   CZ106 ①B36-C26000
NiMoB   CZ107 ①B36-C26800
1NiMoC   CZ108 ①B36-C27200
2NiMoB   CZ110  
2NiCrMoB   CZ112  
350/22   CZ118  
Spec. for spheroidal graphite or nodular graphite cast iron
350/22L40   CZ119 ①B121-C35600,28000
400/18   CZ120  
400/18L20   CZ122 ①B124-C37700
420/12   CZ124  
450/10   CZ126 ①B135-C26000
500/7   NS103 ①B122-C74500
600/3 F33800 NS104  
700/2 F34800 NS105  
800/2   NS106 ①B122-C75200
900/2   NS107 ①B122-C77000


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