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British Standards Institution :: Unified Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys


BSI Group, also known in its home market as the British Standards Institution (or BSI), is a multinational business services provider whose principal activity is the production of standards and the supply of standards-related services. BSI produces British Standards, and, as the UK’s National Standards Body, is also responsible for the UK publication, in English, of international and European standards. The Group now operates internationally in 150 countries.


The UNS for Metals and Alloys provides a means of correlating many internationally used metal and alloy numbering systems administered by societies, trade associations, and individual users and producers of metals and alloys. Jointly developed by ASTM International and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it provides the uniformity necessary for efficient indexing, record keeping, data storage and retrieval, and cross-referencing.

Comparative Table10


B/- Council for Building and Civil Engineering C/- Chemical and Health Council
E/- Engineering Council L/- British Electrotechnical Committee and Electrotechnical Council
M/- Multitechnics Council S/- Systems : Management And Environment T/- Disc
BS No.&title BS Grade UNS&etc Spec   BS No.&title BS Grade UNS&etc Spec
670-860 ④1.7711 BS1845
Specification for filler metals for brazing
Group AL  
671-850   4004 A94404
681-820   4043A A94043
286S31 ④1.4980 4045 A94045
303S22 S30300④1.4305 4047A A94047
304S31 S30300④1.4301 4104 A94104
304S51 S30880④1.4948 4145A A94145
304S61 S30453④1.4311 4343 A94343
316S33 S31600④1.4401 Group AG  
316S51 ④1.4919 AG1  
316S53 ④1.4919 AG2  
316S61 S31653④1.4406 AG3  
316S63 S31653④1.4406 AG11  
316S65   AG12  
316S67   AG14  
321S31   AG20f  
321S51-490 S32100④1.4541 AG21f  
321S31-520 S32100④1.4541 AG5  
347S31 S34700④1.4550 AG7  
347S50 S34700④1.4550 AG9  
410S21-690 S41000④1.4006 AG13  
410S21-720 S41000④1.4006 AG18  
410S21-750 S41000④1.4006 AG19  
410S21-760 S41000④1.4006 Group CP  
410S21-770 S41000④1.4006 CP1  
416S29   CP2  
Wrought and cast austenitic chromiumnickel steel fittings metric units
WPL-0 K03011①A350-LF2 CP3  
WPL-3 K32025①A350-LF3 CP4  
Specification for steel tubes for cycle and motor cycle purposes
CEWC3 G10200 CP6  
CFSC3 G10200 Group CU  
ERWC3 G10200 CU2  


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